Our areas of work

Al-Haqq Islamic Trust is currently running an orphanage at Makhetha in Chinupule Village T/A Kapeni’s area in Blantyre City East Constituency. We also run orphanages at Namadzi in Ndechele Village, T/A Kuntumanji’s area in Zomba and Makanjira in Nyangu Village, T/A Namavi’s area in Mangochi. All these centres, children are provided with both circular and Islamic studies.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust embarks on relief project whereby when ever disaster calamities befall in some parts of the country a rapid response team is commissioned there hence forth.
Disasters occur, most stakeholders rush to areas which are easily accessible but Al-Haqq Islamic Trust decided to reach the communities in the remotest areas hence reaching the unreached project.


At all our centres of operation we make sure that there is a borehole for the benefit of communities surrounding the centres. In most areas where we go to distribute the Islamic literature, we make sure that where there is no access to potable water in the remote areas at least at the MASJID a borehole should be sank. Most areas in the country, women walk long distances in search of clean drinking water and for domestic purposes. We also have an expert team for the maintenance of problematic existing boreholes. This team travels to all the areas country wide and works with dedication so that any broken down borehole is brought back to its working condition.


It is the wish of Al-Haqq Islamic Trust to construct a state of the art health centre at Makhetha in Blantyre which will serve the people from all the surrounding areas in health care and safe motherhood, expectant mothers from areas of Nkolokoti, Khama, Machinjiri as well as Kachere travel to Limbe Health Centre to access maternal services. This is usually difficult during odd hours as there is not readily available ambulance to ferry the mothers. Al-Haqq Islamic Trust would like to have an ambulance readily available at its health centre for complicated cases to be referred to the referral QECH.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust takes an initiative to sensitize the communities the dangers of contracting HIV/AIDS and advocates on ways of preventing the spread of the same. Among the activities in this campaign the trust provides the youths with sporting equipment and facilitates competitions so as to keep the youths busy with such activities after attending classes so as to prevent them from indulging in pre-marital sex which may lead them to contracting the deadly HIV. Al-Haqq Islamic Trust also advocates for voluntary cancelling and testing to people of ages.


The youths are the leaders of tomorrow, the says goes, that’s the reason Al-Haqq Islamic Trust puts much effort in empowering the youths with skills training in addition to the normal circular and religions studies so as the youths are imparted with technical skills to give them the ability to become self employed entrepreneurs since chances of them getting employed is very minimal as the nation do not have much industrial investors to carter for the employment of the rapid growing population.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust, a faith based organization takes the spread and promotion of Islamic Religion as a priority. This is achieved by distributing Islamic literature to the remotest areas so that large masses have the opportunity to learn and practice Islam paving for his own way to eternity.

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