Get Involved

You may get involved with the trust in helping any of the following categories of needs the Trust already assists; orphans, widows, the elderly, the physically impaired regardless of their tribe, religion, social and political affiliation. You may make either monthly donations or yearly donations to the Trust. The trust welcomes anybody willing to assist single or more children in assisting them with food items, tuition items, clothing and many more. The donations can be made either through cash or kind.

Reaching Out

Al-Haqq Islamic Trust took a days off to cheer the sick at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), the largest referal Hospital in the commecial city of Blantyre. The targeted were the children’s wards whereby the team moved bed after bed on the sunny day of Friday 28 Ramadhan 1438 (23 June 2017) after Jummah Prayers around 2pm. The items distributed included food items like fresh milk, biscuits, corn snacks and laundry soap. It was all smiles for both the children and parents as well as medical staff who thanked the organisation for sparing time and hard earned resources in remembering them in the time of need.

They stressed that they do not take the organisation’s gesture for granted and wished it great success in its activities so that it continues doing such good things to as many needy people as possible. In his quote, the Executive Director of the organisation Sheikh Maulana Shiraz said it is the organisation’s continued prerogative to cheer the sick with some gifts during the Holy month of Ramadhan as preached by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that it is more rewarding in front of Allah to share what you have with those who are needy more especially as we are going closer to the Eid-ul-fitre at the very end of he Holy fasting month. Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

The organisation spent a total of MK 450, 000.00 for this year’s exercise and appreciation should go to the trustees who contributed towards the same and urged them to continue with the gesture as this has turned to be an annual event in addition to other activities In-sha-Allah. Looking forward to continued support from well wishers and promise to put every contribution into the intended purpose.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust when approached by theheadmaster of Makhetha Primary School in Blantyre that there was a number of needy orphaned children who were attending classes without uniforms and they were feeling like strangers in their own classes, the organization responded positively by providing the needy pupils with pairs of uniforms and note books. in his speech, the headmaster of the school, Mr. Chikwakwa appreciated the gesture shown by the organisation and thanked Al-Haqq Islamic Trust for the timely response. The exercise reached out to 80 pupils both boys and girls. The pupils showed appreciation and promised to work extra hard in their studies so that they should achieve their goals in life.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust in its efforts to ensure that at least the needy afford a smile, has embarked on a project earmarked “Reaching the Unreached” in the year 2017. This is the journey which the organisation set its pace on 2nd January 2017 by visiting the needy at Ndechele Village, The remote area to the east of Namadzi in T/A Kuntumanji in Zomba with relief items which included blankets, mosquito nets, maize flour, laundry soap and snacks. The activity reached out to 500 families among which were also child headed orphaned families.


Al-Haqq Islamic Trust looks after orphans at Makheta in Chinupule Village T/A Kapeni in Blantyre City East Constituency. The activities at the Orphanage include provision of necessities for daily upkeep of the children such as accomodation, clothing, feeding (the children are provided with all meals on daily basis) and sanitation. At the centre, the children attend to either circular or Islamic studies and others attend both. Other centres are at Nyangu Village, T/A Namavi at Makanjila in Mangochi District as well as Ndechele Village, T/A Kuntumanji in Zomba.


In the continued exercise of circulation of Islamic literature, Al-haqq Islamic Trust distributed learning books of different levels to coordinators of 20 different zones in Blantyre district to help in the enhancement of Islamic studies in the Madrassah’s of their zones. In his speech of appreciation, the chairman of the group of zone coordinators Sheikh Gwaza thanked the organisation for the gesture and assured that the books will be put into the intended use. The group was also presented with copies of the Holy Qu’ran as well as packages of food items to be given to the needy muslims to help them breaking the fasting during the Holy month of Ramadhan. The Executive Director of Al-Haqq Islamic Trust Sheikh Maulana Silaji urged the beneficiaries of the literature to use them with extra care so that they sholud last longer.

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